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External Exposure Management

Digital transformation increases your digital exposure. Stay ahead of cyberthreats by constantly monitoring your public-facing assets with StyxView.

External Exposure Management
External Exposure Management Solution by Styx

A Comprehensive View of Your Perimeter

Attack surfaces are often overlooked and mismanaged, and yet there is a high risk and increased susceptibility to malicious activity. Track and secure online profiles, domains, IP ranges, web servers, mobile apps, and more to stay ahead of threats.

Protect your digital assets with StyxView. Real-time monitoring for a unified view of potential cyber risks such as ransomware and DDoS, as well as tailored recommendations on best practice implementation.

Importance of Styx's Exposure Management solution

How Can StyxView Minimize Attack Surface Exposure?

*organizations have encountered cyberattack due to mismanaged digital assets
0 %
*of organizations say the monitor between 75% and 89% of their attack surface, with most doing way less
0 %
*of organizations say they lack sufficient visibility of the data they need to protect
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*Source – Security Magazine | *Source – CSO Online | *Source – TechBeacon
Public-Facing Digital Assets

Keep an Inventory of Internet-Facing Assets

Public-Facing Digital Assets

Stay in the loop when it comes to your digital assets. This is especially critical for assets that are public-facing since those are often the first points of attack. StyxView identifies and categorizes your company’s online infrastructure, domains, and server records; giving you a comprehensive view of your digital vulnerability. Our visualization simplifies asset inventory management, allowing you to easily spot potential network breach points. By classifying each finding, our solution empowers your security teams to take proactive measures and safeguard your business and its digital assets.

Identify Configurations and Misconfiguration of Assets

Record of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) affecting hosts

Discover potential weaknesses in your digital security with StyxView’s attacker-perspective approach. Our solution uncovers exposed assets and sources that need protection, helping you understand the root cause of security issues. From CVEs on your servers to misconfigured networks, StyxView gets to the heart of the of the matter, providing you with the necessary insights to strengthen your protective protocols.

Record of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) affecting hosts
Digital Risk Score overview

Guidance on Best Practices for Remediation

Digital Risk Score overview

Knowing where to start when it comes to addressing cyber threats can be overwhelming for security teams. Going through volumes of data is time-consuming and counterproductive when trying to address the most critical issues. With StyxView, you get an overall digital risk score tailored to your needs that simplifies the process of identifying the most critical issues. The score provides a snapshot of your cyber posture, allowing you to prioritize remediation efforts. Additionally, StyxView provides guidance on how to take action, preparing you with the best defense against malicious activity.

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