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Your brand may be the target of impersonation or abuse without your knowledge. Stay informed of online activity with ease and avoid potential damage to your reputation.

Brand monitoring solution by Styx

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Negative brand mentions on social and news media can harm your reputation and deter your clients. Impersonators and criminal exploitation can cause further damage.

StyxView continuously monitors your online presence, trademarks, and other brand and intellectual property assets to alert you to any unauthorized activity. We give you control by allowing you to quickly initiate takedowns on impersonators and fake product listings on marketplaces. Stay informed with real-time updates and sentiment analysis of public engagement.

Importance of StyxView's Brand Monitoring Solution

How Can Styx's Brand Monitoring Solution Help Your Brand?

*of businesses experienced reputational damage resulting from cybercrime
0 %
*of identity-based deception revolves around impersonating a trusted individual or brand in first half of 2021
0 %
*of breaches in 2021 were accounted to be caused by phishing
0 %

* Source- McAfee | * Source- Agari | *Source: Identity Theft Resource Centre

Tracking Online Presence

StyxView’s continuous monitoring covers the surface, deep, and dark web to detect any activity related to your brand. This includes monitoring for social media accounts and posts and trademark products on marketplaces. With access to real-time information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to quickly address discrepancies or conflicts that may impact your brand’s image. Stay ahead of potential threats and maintain control over your online presence.

Impersonation Detection

StyxView provides impersonation detection to protect your brand and customers from phishing and other attacks. Our platform continuously monitors social media, webpages, and products for fake accounts and listings that may damage your reputation and stakeholders. StyxView also scans across top app stores for rogue mobile apps that can harm your customers, thereby impacting brand trust. We give you real-time alerts about detected incidents, empowering you to quickly approve initiation of takedowns and prevent further harm. You will have the visibility to take a proactive approach and take control of your brand’s online presence.

Anti-Phishing Capabilities

StyxView monitors for various types of phishing attacks which can be propagated with dedicated domains, hacked websites, compromised email addresses, or fake social media profiles. We focus on identifying relevant, malicious content that is targeting your organization, customers, or employees and alert you on true positives. This way, you can focus on real cases and if needed, request takedowns to protect your customers and/or employees.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how people are talking about your brand. StyxView curates brand mentions from social and news media, providing insight into its online reputation. Our platform analyzes each post and article to help you stay informed and address any negative sentiment that could impact your brand’s image. This will direct your attention to unfavourable content that can influence other people’s perception of your organization.

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