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Styx Intelligence fosters an ecosystem that is beneficial to our customers and partners. Alongside industry leaders, we will help make the digital world a safer place by collaborating with partners and providing them with the knowledge and resources to build safeguards against digital threats. Our partnership program is designed to help our customers achieve their end results and help you achieve your financial goals.

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Value-Added Reseller

As the demand for digital risk protection services continues to grow, join us to help spread and market our solution to protect your clients’ digital assets, data, and brand. By being a value-added reseller or an integration partner, you will be able to take advantage of new market opportunities as well as increased revenue streams.

Risk Protection Service Offering

Managed Security Service Provider

Adding a powerful digital risk protection product to your portfolio allows you to extend your managed offerings to an emerging market segment. As organizations go through digital transformations, digital risk is expected to experience exponential growth. Given our roots in managed security services, we have specific programs tailored to help MSSPs either augment their existing service’s capabilities or develop new service offerings in digital risk protection.

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STYX Solutions

StyxView Wards Off Threats Outside Your Perimeter

Brand Monitoring

Comprehensive protection against social media impersonation, domain spoofing, phishing attacks, and other risks to brand reputation and online presence.

Executive Protection

Protect high-value targets from malicious actors committing social media impersonation, personal information exposure, and other risks.

External Exposure Management

Real-time visibility into your organization’s digital exposure, helping you proactively manage new risks created by increasing digital connectedness.

Third Party Risk

Streamline due diligence on vendors with security scorecard and automated third-party questionnaires.

External Data Leakage Detection

Monitor the surface, deep, and dark web for compromised credentials, exposure of sensitive documents, code repositories, cloud storage, and other data leaks.

Social & News Monitoring

Our solution provides monitoring of social and news media platforms, and the ability to analyze sentiment and set up custom use cases.


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