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Third Party Risk

Third Parties can introduce cyber and brand risk into your environment. Use our solution to provide continuous monitoring on your vendors and partners.

Changes in Third-Party Vendors' Digital Risk Score
Third-Party Risk Solution by Styx

Use Styx Digital Risk Score to Assess Your Vendors and Automate Your Due-Diligence Questionnaire

Third Parties can introduce cyber and brand risk into environment due to lack of proper security controls and overall brand risk. Use Styx Vendor Risk solution to manage these risks and protect your brand. 

With StyxView’s automated due diligence questionnaires and in-depth analysis capabilities, you can create a profile based on the criticality of each vendor to your business and receive a risk rating scorecard, which is refreshed on a continuum basis. Make informed decisions about your supply chain risk.

Importance of Styx Vendor Risk solution

How Assessing Third-Party Vendors Can Protect Your Business

*of businesses have suffered data breach caused by third party
0 %
*have in 2020
0 %
*of the 44% were the result of too much access to third parties
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*According to a report by Ponemon Institute

Third-Party Vendor Risk Matrix

Compare Third Parties with Our Risk Matrix

Third-Party Vendor Risk Matrix

Gain a bird’s-eye view of all your third-party vendors using our risk matrix. StyxView provides a visual comparison of each vendor by using their digital risk score and considering their criticality to your organization, providing you with a comprehensive overview of their risk level. The risk matrix highlights the vendors who require the most attention, allowing you to prioritize your risk management efforts and make informed decisions to secure your business operations.

Digital Risk Score

Third-Party Vendors' digital risk scores

Assess vendor risk with StyxView’s comprehensive scoring system. Our tool considers multiple factors including breach disclosures, brand risk, and overall cyber posture to provide a detailed risk analysis for each of your third-party vendors. Poor cyber hygiene may indicate a significant security issue that could affect your business by association. Find potential red flags and avoid introducing risk before fully committing to a vendor partnership.

Third-Party Vendors' digital risk scores
Third-Party Vendor Security Questionnaire

Efficient Onboarding through Automated Questionnaires

Third-Party Vendor Security Questionnaire

Streamline vendor due diligence with StyxView’s security questionnaire. Our platform simplifies the assessment and onboarding process by allowing vendors to easily fill information about their security infrastructure. This provides us with the necessary details for calculating their digital risk score and expedites the time-consuming task of performing due diligence and integrating vendors into your operations.

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