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Your social media presence is critical for how you promote your brand, drive sales, and communicate with your people. Optimize your social listening by monitoring social and news media to protect brand integrity and stay informed of your clients’ and business partners’ perception.

Social and News Monitoring solution by Styx

Monitor How You Go Viral

Negative press on social media can quickly harm your brand’s reputation, especially if it comes from a credible source. Impersonators can also use social media to attack stakeholders, posing a serious threat to your business.

StyxView tracks mainstream media sites to stay current on your clients’ and partners’ perception by providing sentiment analysis of their activity. Protect yourself against brand impersonators by initiating takedowns against discovered fake accounts.

Importance of StyxView's Social and News Monitoring Solution

How can Styx Brand Monitoring solution help your Brand

*lost due to social media fraud reported by consumers
$ 0 M
*of social media attacks a rooted in infected ads
0 %
*social media groups dedicated to fraud with 220,000 members

*Source – FTC | *Source – Bromium | *Source – RSA


Sentiment Analysis

Stay informed about your brand’s perception with StyxView’s social media monitoring. Our platform curates content from relevant sources and categorizes it by sentiment. This will direct your attention to any unfavourable outlook that can influence other people’s perception of you. Get detailed insights into who is posting, when, and on which platform.

Identify Risk of Your Employees

Monitor employees’ social media activity with StyxView. Keep track of posts and responses to ensure your company’s reputation stays intact. We analyze executives’ online presence and circle of influence to assess potential risks and evaluate their impact on consumers and associates.

Custom Use Cases

Track the impact of individual actions on social media mentions. Create custom use cases for deeper insights into the factors driving your audience’s activity. Stay ahead with real-time social and news media updates on changing trends after critical events and incidents pertaining to your organization. Our dashboard provides context and visualization to help you understand what drives conversations and mentions about your business.

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