StyxView Platform

Unified Digital Risk Protection

StyxView provides protection and risk management by mapping digital assets and continuous data collection.

Digital Risk Management

Assess your cyber posture, brand risk, and third party risk with our digital risk score.

Brand Monitoring

Protect against social media impersonations, look alike domain impersonations, phishing campaigns, and adverse media coverage.

Exposure Management

Digital connectedness is leading to an increase in attack surface. Our external exposure solutions provide real-time visibility to your organization’s exposure.

Third Party Risk Management

Perform due dilgence on your vendors using our digital risk score to assess cyber and brand risk and automate your vendor questionnaire using our platform.


Purpose-Built Platform

StyxView helps you address these challenges with digital asset mapping and continuous monitoring into your attack surface and online presence. Our AI platform reduces false positives and gives you contextual information for informed remediation action.

Unified Platform

All your solutions in one dashboard for better ROI

Segregated Data

Real-time data for quick remediation

External Asset Inventory

Secure your organization with relevant, up-to-date information

Actionable Risk Indicators

Keep track of your potential attack points

Single Pane of Glass

Address the most critical issues with our Digital Risk Score (DRS)

Continuous Data Collection

Highlight your digital asset risk with a unified view into brand, attack surface, and third parties

Integrated Remediation

Take action against threats directly on the platform

Simplified Provisioning

Organize data across various business functions for easier analysis

Solutions by Role

How StyxView Supports Your Teams

Simplify digital risk protection with a single platform. With many providers specializing in only a few areas of digital risk, adopting multiple platforms can result in low ROI and added stress on internal teams. StyxView covers a wide range of business needs including cybersecurity, risk management, human resources, and marketing.

Equip your security teams with the necessary resources to combat increasingly complex cyber threats. Gain comprehensive visibility into your external attack surface to help stay ahead of cyber and social media threats.

Take proactive measures for legal risk mitigation with data leakage detection and vendor assessment solutions. Prevent compliance violations to meet regulatory requirements.

Enhance your recruitment processes with comprehensive digital footprinting. Protect your workforce’s online presence and ensure they adhere to company guidelines and code of conduct.

Protect your brand and reputation so you can focus on promotion. Monitor social and news media engagement, analyze public sentiment, and take down impersonators to mitigate brand abuse.

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Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Solution

Our solution helps manage risks by mapping your digital assets and online presence, as well as providing continuous monitoring and remediation.

Digital Risk Score overview

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