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Takedown Response

When threat actors are spoofing your brand, you need an actionable solution to prevent them from harming your reputation and stakeholders. Initiate takedowns on fake domains and accounts to prevent phishing and other cyber scams.

Takedown Service by Styx

Eliminate impersonators abusing your brand and employees

Protect your organization and customers from fraudulent activity and phishing attacks. Threat actors frequently mimic domains and accounts to gain access to sensitive information.

StyxView provides expert-backed managed takedowns to remove impersonators. We monitor the web for verified violations and offer prompt remediation through a dashboard for a swift solution.

“Acquisitions fail to create value for Shareholders between 70-90% of the time.”

Takedowns process

Process We Follow during Takedowns Service

Identify Risk
Develop Assessment Criteria
Assess Risk
Assess Risk Interactions
Prioritize Risk
Respond to Risk

Domain Impersonation

Protect your brand from being associated with phishing schemes with StyxView’s impersonation detection. Our platform continuously scans the surface, deep, and dark web for lookalike domains that mimic your brand and deceive your customers. Don’t open your consumers up to theft of sensitive information and risk harm to your reputation. With our real-time alerting system, you can quickly identify and take down any domain impersonators, preserving your brand image and maintaining trust with your customers.

Fake Social Media and Email Accounts

Protect your brand from phishing schemes through account impersonation detection. StyxView continuously monitors social media to identify fake accounts and profiles that may harm your reputation and stakeholders. You will receive real-time alerts upon detection, enabling you to take action in initiating takedowns and preventing further damage. You can be confident in knowing that you are directing your efforts towards the most likely impersonators.

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