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Much of your brand activity and engagement occurs online. Monitor social media activities with ease now with our solutions designed for your marketing needs.

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Simplify Brand Protection So You Can Maximize Promotion

Constantly needing to put out fires related to your brand is time-consuming. Impersonations, trademark exploitation, and hateful messages work against you and deter your positive message. Our solution takes care of detecting and responding to brand threats so that your team can spend more time on impacting and engaging your customers online.

Protect your brand with StyxView and get conversation back on track. Monitor coverage pertaining to your company and employees on mainstream social and news media sites and analyze content for sentiment. Initiate takedowns on fake accounts to prevent harm against your stakeholders.

Monitor the Most Popular Online Platforms

StyxView’s cutting-edge technology covers the surface, deep, and dark web for forums, blogs, and other websites to keep track of your brand engagement. From monitoring social media accounts and posts to reviews of products on marketplaces, you will have access to real-time information that gives you the power to protect your brand’s image.

Improve Social Listening with Sentiment Analysis

What are people saying about your brand online? StyxView curates brand mentions from social and news media and analyzes tone of speech and source of each post. This gives you clear understanding of how your brand is perceived. Stay ahead of negative sentiment and potential threats to your brand’s image by getting real-time data on who, when, and where each post is made. Your data will be further contextualized so you know how to approach every situation for PR management.

Detect Impersonations Exploiting Your Brand Name

StyxView provides impersonation detection to protect your brand and customers from scams phishing schemes. Our platform continuously monitors social media, webpages, and products and apps for fake accounts and listings that may damage your reputation and stakeholders. We provide you with real-time alerts about detected incidents, empowering you to quickly initiate takedowns and prevent further harm. You will have the awareness you need to be proactive and take control of your brand’s online presence.

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Social & News Monitoring

Our solution provides monitoring of social and news media platforms, and the ability to analyze sentiment and set up custom use cases.

Brand Monitoring

Comprehensive protection against social media impersonation, domain spoofing, phishing attacks, and other risks to brand reputation and online presence.

Executive Protection

Protect high-value targets from malicious actors through continuous monitoring for social media impersonation, personal information exposure, and other risks.


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