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Guiding the workforce in a technology-driven age has posed significant challenges to the HR department. Keep track of current and potential employees’ online footprint to ensure they follow company guidelines and code of conduct.

Human Resources
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Secure Your Workforce and Recruitment Efforts

As more of the recruitment process is being taken online, HR representatives require better tools to ensure confidentiality and information integrity. Using standard search engines for background checks limits your scope and can miss important details about potential employees.

StyxView’s executive protection solution monitors online activity to enforce company guidelines and code of conduct and ensure their safety.

Improve Background Checks when Hiring High-Profile Candidates

The use of standard search engines to fine out more about employees as part of your recruitment process doesn’t give you all the information you need and introduces noise, especially if they have a common name. StyxView allows you to create a profile on individuals to monitor their presence across the surface, deep, and dark web for readily available information about their history. Stay informed with wide coverage and reduce the risk associated with bad hires.

Assess Your Current Executives

Monitor your executives’ online activity for public perception and personal information security with StyxView. Our platform’s wide visibility into the web allows you to stay informed of their image through mentions of their name, accounts, and their public posts. Be alerted to potential issues that affect your brand and respond promptly. We assign each monitored individual a score for public sentiment, social media exposure, and personal information risk to prioritize mitigating the most severe issues.

Prevent Account Takeover

Stop hackers from using your employee’s accounts to commit phishing and fraud. Get real-time alerts about suspicious profile activity to take proactive measures to mitigate damage. Our platform allows you to initiate takedowns on hostile accounts and halt profile activity, preventing further harm to your customers interacting with the attacker. We also provide guidance on the next steps following incidents to prevent future incidents with your other executives.

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Executive Protection

Protect high-value targets from malicious actors through continuous monitoring for social media impersonation, personal information exposure, and other risks.

Social & News Monitoring

Our solution provides monitoring of social and news media platforms, and the ability to analyze sentiment and set up custom use cases.

External Data Leakage Detection

Monitor the surface, deep, and dark web for compromised credentials, exposure of sensitive documents, code repositories, cloud storage, and other data leaks.


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